Studio Demetra was born out of the passion and of the several years’ experience of the founder, Ms Daniela Barlocco, in the field of Intellectual Property. A young, dynamic company, mindful of the new market situations, which operates as a link between creativity, communication, design, aesthetic and technological innovation and brings in a deep knowledge of the Italian and foreign laws for the protection of the intellectual property. Thanks to its organization and to a wide network of Italian and foreign professionals, Studio Demetra may offer to its own clients and to all the interested parties complete consultation services, from the support in the development and in the realization of the ideas, passing through their protection and defence, up to their exploitation on the market. Studio Demetra delivers customized services depending on the clients’ needs, from full consultancy services aimed at companies of any dimension which operate, or intend to operate, basing their activity on a continuous and full support, up to more essential services aimed at individuals and small companies, that want to obtain the protection of their trademark or of their ideas at a lower cost.

Studio Demetra also acts as a partner to foreign colleagues by delivering customized services according to specific needs.